World Emoji Day!

Want to stand out above your competitors on social media?

Use emojis! Emojis have been proven to increase click through rates, open rates and boost engagement.

Statistics show that Facebook posts with emojis result to 57% more likes, 33% more shares and 33% more comments, tweets with emojis saw 25% more engagement.

In another recent study, over 50% of businesses saw an increase in their email marketing when using emojis!


  • DON’T go overboard! It is best to only use a few emojis per social media post, this keeps your post clean and still keeps your audience engaged. 59% of 18-34 year olds now say that businesses are overusing emojis!
  • DO use emojis that are relevant to the post you are creating
  • DON’T use an emoji if you don’t know what is means!
  • DO find a few key emojis to identify your brand – Emojis can also be a way to show your brands personality and become unique online! Using around 5 of the same emojis on each of your social media posts is also a way to keep your posts clean online.
  • However, emojis don’t work for every brand! If your business is very corporate such as, lawyers or solicitors – think carefully before you start to use emojis…

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