Training & Development

We offer a broad range of training, coaching and mentoring services either at our premises in the Midlands or at a location to suit your needs.

If you are seeking business growth, we can provide professional marketing advice in tandem with specialist telemarketing services and telesales. If you are seeking to increase sales and margins, then we offer advice on recruitment, training, coaching, management and mentoring of staff.

The Art of Successful Appointment Making

AMS has compiled this interactive workshop-style training course to be specifically tailored to your business, industry sector and target market. Your sales team learns and develops the tools and techniques needed to secure appointments with prospective customers over the telephone.

Delegates are taught to define the key elements of a successful outbound call, breaking down each element into its component parts. We encourage them to carry out thorough pre-call planning and preparation and structure the sales appointment call, creating effective phrases to engage the customer, overcome barriers and objections and ‘close’ the appointment.

By giving delegates the opportunity to practice newly acquired skills in a safe environment through role-playing, we build their confidence and support them further with ‘sit-by’ coaching on live calls during the event.

The programme isn’t just a one-day training course but extends as a coaching programme over 6 or 12 months, with regular revisits scheduled to review and improve delegate performance, set future objectives and drives sales success.

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