The Adfield Academy

A unique centre of excellence for telemarketing – Driving the best results from your telemarketing assets

For any company that does not specialise in telemarketing, creating the right environment that will enable a telemarketer to flourish is quite often impossible and that is why there is a high turnover of telemarketers. Adfield provides the opportunity for local businesses to still employ the telemarketer but to base them in our Telephone Centre of Excellence, which is the perfect environment. We can then manage and coach your telemarketer and secure the results you need.

Although the employee is on your payroll and works exclusively for you, they are managed and developed by us on our Midlands premises in Beckbury. This is particularly attractive to those companies based in high-wage areas, where recruitment can be both costly and hit-and-miss.

Since 1995, Adfield has developed a very concise specification for the ideal telemarketer, and can make a very compelling offer:

  • We manage the recruitment of your telemarketer
  • We train and mentor your telemarketer
  • We install them in our telemarketing suite with like-minded professional telemarketers
  • We maximise and measure the performance of your telemarketer
  • You benefit from the results

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