Social Media Management & Advertising

At Adfield, we consider Social media a pivotal element in any brand’s marketing plan and believe that all clients – regardless of the industry sector – should run social marketing activity as standard alongside any other marketing channels.

Social Media cannot be seen as a pure acquisition channel – it works in a similar way as email marketing in that the majority of its power lies in generating, maintaining and reactivating customer loyalty with the client’s product or service offering.

Some believe that social media cannot be profitable; Adfield stands to challenge that belief. We look at social media as an important part of the digital marketing mix and one that can greatly boost other online activities if looked at synergistically.

Ensuring that your social media channels are aligned with your email marketing messaging and your PPC advertising makes for a very powerful triple-headed marketing tool. When we look at social media as a key element in the conversion funnel rather than a stand-alone sales driver, we can absolutely justify its nominal management budgets.

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