Commercial Sales Apprenticeships

Working with accredited Apprenticeship training providers, Adfield has developed a commercial apprenticeship scheme, which works in three phases

  1. As part of their Apprenticeship programme, you place your apprentice in our scheme, and we will train them for up to 18 months on how to get the most out of using the telephone. Their principle responsibility is to generate appointments for your sales team.
  2. They move up to become part of your sales team.
  3. The next apprentice is recruited in behind them to start making appointments for them and their colleagues, and the process repeats.

This way, we work with you to develop people who totally understand the importance of customer service and how to engage people on the telephone.

Sales team succession planning

The above process can also work effectively as part of sales team succession planning. When sales personnel are approaching retirement age, handing over to a new sales team member can be difficult and risky.

Adfield can help with this transition. Adfield has  tailored the above scheme whereby the apprentice based in our Midlands offices feeds a New Business Executive with appointments. After 18 months, the New Business Executive starts to work with the person closest to retirement and after an agreed period of time will step into that role; meanwhile the apprentice takes over the New Business Executives role , and Adfield will work with the company to recruit the next sales Apprentice to fill that gap.

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