Pay Per Click (PPC) & Google Ads

The digital marketing team at Adfield have extensive experience in all forms of PPC advertising across all primary search engines. The PPC team are Google & Bing certified, and the agency itself is proud to be a Google Partner.

When it comes to the analysis of data in order to strategise the campaigns, paid search is one of the best forms of digital marketing, as well as providing a means to measure accurately return on investment.

Another key benefit of PPC is that it enables virtual real-time management to be undertaken.

Investing some of your marketing budget into PPC activity allows you to have an immediate effect on site traffic, based on very clearly defined targeting methods, ensuring that the traffic being driven to your site via PPC advertising is relevant and therefore more inclined to complete the journey on to conversions. If managed correctly, PPC can offer you a very efficient yet inexpensive way to find and grow leads, whilst always being in control of spend, messaging and performance.


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