How should your marketing change in 2020?

A new year has arrived, so there’s no better time to review your marketing over the last year. As time passes it’s important to evaluate your work as well as predict trends going forward. Talking about going forward, 2020 is an exciting time to market your business with lots of options and new areas where you can focus your business’s marketing efforts.

Build relationships and develop an improved customer experience – having customers contact you directly isn’t the only way to spread your message. For example, managing and providing valuable information to customers through social media makes a memorable experience to establish loyalty.

Visual content is more important than ever – attract your customers with eye-catching content. Also, using square and portrait images is becoming more the norm with a mobile-centric world, so why not do the same?

Personalise your ads – personalising the experience will enhance the user experience for your customers. So, improve the results from your advertisements by personalising them to the viewer, much like Tom Cruise’s character, John Anderton experienced in the movie Minority Report.

Get to position zero – yes, there is a position higher than one! With the introduction of featured snippets, you’ll stand a better chance of getting yourself to Search Engine Results Page (SERP) position zero for your industry. This will give your website a massive boost and an important advantage over competitors.

Optimise for voice search – one of 2020’s most predicted trends is for a massive increase in the number of people using voice search to find products. Expectations are that growth could be as high as 50%! The large increase in people buying smart speakers has contributed to this and is therefore an area to concentrate your marketing efforts. Focusing your content on longer queries will help your content to be picked up.

Reduce workloads with automation – AI has made huge advances over the past few years and the benefits of this are now being incorporated within marketing. No longer do businesses have to manage website chats or social media messages with the incorporation of automated chatbots.

Introduce more live video to your content schedule – the live element creates more spontaneity and engages viewers for longer. Viewers feel like they can influence the content which makes for an impactful watch. All the major social media platforms offer live video streaming from business or personal accounts.

Remember, you can contact Adfield for more information on how to develop your business’s marketing strategy. So, get your business ready for a more engaged and dynamic 2020.

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