Directly Message Your Target Audience on LinkedIn

More and more people in the manufacturing and logistic sectors are using social media to attract new business. Social media is now an important part of any successful sales and marketing strategy, helping you increase brand awareness, seek new business opportunities and keep your followers updated on your latest products and services.

There are now even more ways to generate leads and LinkedIn Sponsored Inmail advertising puts your business in direct contact with your targeted audience.

Work smarter by:

  • Growing leads with targeted product and service promotions
  • Promoting downloads of white papers, eBooks and more
  • Boosting event registrations

Effective use of social media means businesses are no longer restricted to face-to-face or telephone meetings in their efforts to attract customers. LinkedIn is the UK’s leading platform for B2B networking as well as looking for new opportunities.

Get Higher Response Rates

Make your messages personal – Research has shown people respond better to messages directly referencing their name. Even if the person isn’t interested in the product or service, it is highly probable they will take the time to read the message.

Make it clear what action recipients should take – ‘Register, talk, speak, call, watch’; these are all words highlighting a specific action you want the user to take. Don’t hesitate to inform the reader what you want them to do.

Be short and precise – Always be concise and ensure your message comes straight to the point. In this way you will ensure a higher interaction rate. Keep your message between 200-300 words, clearly stating why you are contacting them and what action they should take.

Using the 2-1 technique – Don’t make your targeting too narrow or complicated. A simple rule to follow is to target two facets (age, companies, studies, industries, location etc) and exclude one. This brings the best results to your campaign.

Lists – Dive deeper into your targeting options. Upload lists to your asset library to send InMail messages to set contacts.

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