Tailored to meet the needs of your business and people

Telemarketing training and development

We have used our extensive skills and experience to design telemarketing training and development programmes that will equip your people to do what we do. Our courses are individually tailored to meet your requirements and the training needs of your people, with material relevant to your industry and targeted at your prospective and existing customers. With the added value of ongoing role modelling, mentoring and coaching support we can ensure that the benefits of your investment in training are not short lived.


The art of successful
appointment making

An interactive workshop style training course that is specifically tailored to your business, industry sector and target markets. Your sales teams learn and develop the tools and techniques they need to secure appointments with prospective customers over the telephone.

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Proactive outbound calling for franchise car dealers

A coaching and development programme that equips sales and service teams to make effective outbound calls that will increase car sales, generate incremental service revenue and improve customer retention.

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CRM systems configuration
and application

Many companies that invest in CRM systems do not invest in training their employees on how to maximise its effectiveness and drive business growth.

The Adfield Group has developed a consultation program with practical system user training that enables your teams to overcome these issues.

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