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Specialist telemarketing services

From the creation and maintenance of your database to the generation of high quality sales leads and appointments by our people, we can fulfil all your telemarketing requirements.

We offer unique and specialised services, working on your premises or ours, to immediately generate additional revenue, as well as training and coaching your own people to make effective outbound calls to generate more business.

Appointment making and lead generation

Through an effective sales campaign approach to the promotion of your company's products and services we generate interest in your business and provide prospective sales opportunities for you.

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Specialist services for franchise car dealers

The franchise car dealerships we work with are benefiting significantly from our unique service — and you could too.

How we deliver our service is totally different to any other lead generation company you may worked with before.

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Promotional and
research services

Whether you want to learn more about your potential or existing customer base, create a database that holds all the information you need to implement an effective marketing strategy or simply get more people along to your promotional events, Adfield Group can help.

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Telemarketing training and development

We have used our extensive skills and experience to design telemarketing training and development programmes that will equip your people to do what we do.

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