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Telemarketing training and development:
proactive outbound calling for franchise car dealers

A coaching and development programme that equips sales and service teams to make effective outbound calls that will increase car sales, generate incremental service revenue and improve customer retention.

Working with franchise car dealers, our 6 month 'Proactive outbound calling' training and development programme has been designed to change the attitude of your sales and service teams towards proactively making outbound calls. We equip your people with the tools and techniques they need to make effective outbound calls in the classroom and then support them to use these tools and techniques with confidence back in the workplace.

The program contains a combination of facilitator led training and one to one coaching. Delegates are encouraged to develop ideas themselves and share their learning through interaction and participation throughout the training day. They then have the opportunity to prove their theory in practice and are more likely to continue using their newly acquired skills when provided with expert support once they return to work.

Through consultation with the dealership, the Adfield group identifies the key areas that we can positively impact immediately. We put one of our highly skilled Outbound Contact Specialists into the Dealership to sit with your team(s) and start proactively calling customers or prospects. As well as immediately generating appointments and / or service bookings, our specialist also act as a role model and mentor, supporting your people throughout the programme.

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