Communications with staff is changing

Communication planning and delivery:
employee engagement

Internal communications spans more than a newsletter for staff! With staff often spread across multiple sites with differing facilities, and with the advent of smart phones, tablet computers and 24-hour operations, communication with staff has changed — and developing advocacy and a sense of purpose amongst staff is vital.

Adfield has run all manner of staff events and communication programmes. For East Coast we managed a mobile exhibition from London to Glasgow for all staff to experience, and more recently, the distribution of 3,000 cupcakes across the UK in branded boxes with other goodies to all staff. For First Capital Connect, we devised an interesting conference programme for managers which included a live voting quiz, a huge magic carpet for delegates to interact with and a special guest speaker to motivate the group. Staff surveys will often point to areas that need work – we can help create and administer these, then work with you on ways to implement changes.