Your brand is your identity

Branding and design

Your branding provides an identity for your business. Whether it is formal, corporate, relaxed, modern, light-hearted, friendly, young… the brand creates a first impression which is important to get right.

From creating your actual logo and brand guidelines, to designing brochures and reports (and printing them on the right paper!) through to ensuring your presentations and online resources are consistently branded and look professional, Adfield can assist with all manner of your branding and design requirements.

Our experienced in-house design team can either work with your existing brand guidelines, or create something fresh and new — perhaps a stand-alone campaign that presents your brand in a new way.

Provide us with your objectives, and we'll design something unique to deliver them!



We know how important it is to present your organisation in the right way to the outside world. Conveying the correct tone, values and behaviours via an advert, email, website, through media relations, giveaways or field marketing is vital, challenging, and something we're very good at.

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Printed literature, giveaways and merchandise

Opinions about your business can often be formed from a single giveaway – your Annual Report, a newsletter, a promotional bottle of water – so getting the message, look and quality right is vital.

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Presentations and online

Presentations often form the centrepiece of an important event – a staff conference, media briefing, stakeholder meeting – so it's important to ensure the slides look consistent and professional.

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