Effective CRM will increase productivity, customer loyalty and bottom line

Telemarketing training and development:
CRM systems configuration and application

A consultation program with practical system user training that enables your teams to maximise the effectiveness of your CRM system and drive business growth.

Many companies that invest in CRM systems do not invest in training their employees on how to maximise its effectiveness and drive business growth. The Adfield Group have developed a program to help managers and system users overcome these issues.

The Adfield group takes a consultative approach to helping companies ensure their CRM system becomes an integral part of its culture, marketing strategy and ongoing business development. Firstly we meet with the senior management team to understand what their business objectives are and what part they see their CRM system playing in their company's development. We then spend time with the CRM Manager to understand how the system is currently working, data entry protocols and procedures and how users currently operate the system.

Once we understand the current position we then carry out a gap analysis to visualise what is required and formulate a plan to help the company and its employees embrace the power of their CRM system to achieve its goals.

The outcome of our consultation allows you to configure your CRM system to record everything you need to know about your customers and prospects and enables us to tailor a training program to meet the needs of your users.

For more information please call 01952 752500 or email info@adfield.co.uk.