Helping improve communications is our forte

Communication planning and delivery

Communication is a vital part of any business. Good communication with your staff, with your stakeholders and with your customers can turn around business performance, and shouldn't be underestimated.

Helping customers improve their communications is our forte.

From consultancy to actual delivery – our service is varied to meet your needs, we can do as much or as little as suits your business. Some clients employ Adfield to manage the unusual, one-off events – read more about these in the events section of the website.



From ad hoc advice and strategic input to plans, to developing and creating a communications plan for your business, Adfield can offer your business the support required to deliver any manner of communication activity.

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Employee engagement

Internal communications spans more than a newsletter for staff! With staff often spread across multiple sites with differing facilities, and with the advent of smart phones, tablet computers and 24-hour operations, communication with staff has changed — and developing advocacy and a sense of purpose amongst staff is vital.

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Media and stakeholder management

For many companies, the outsourcing of media management (liaison with editors, press release creation and tracking) is common place – and a number of our clients outsource media relations to us.

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